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Why Darby Hayes?

We help you grow your brand online using the most effective online solutions today.


Social Media Marketing

Social media today has billions of accounts across different platforms from Facebook to Instagram. Regardless if you are running a startup or a well-funded company, it matters to have a social media presence.

With our expertise in social media marketing, we can deliver engagement, loyalty, and even increase your conversion using the most reliable social media tactics for different social media platforms.


Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are two things that typically frustrate clients. Thinking that it there is an instant solution for both SEO and SEM, it is common for some to just rely on tactics that do more harm than good.

What we offer are tactics that are based on analytics and industry standards. We provide strategies from running an effective copywriting to using link building strategies to allow your site to maximize its online presence.

Web Development and Branding

Having a website is a priority for every business and even professional today. It allows you to build your brand and get new customers and clients along the way.

Our team of web designers and developers can help you achieve the results that you are looking for from aesthetics to functionality of your website.

We work closely with our clients in every step of the way.

E-commerce Solutions

Aesthetics brought by web design and your beautiful content are just some of the things that can attract your consumers. However, it is important to recognize that key to your success online is by offering an e-commerce solution that is convenient and safe.

With our experts, we provide long term solutions that can help your business grow.


Content Strategy

You may have heard it repeatedly over the last years that content is king. In reality, this is true. Content should be engaging, highly-informative, and perfect for the needs of the modern internet. Aside from driving customers, content can also be used in order to give your SEO the boost it needs.

With our team of copywriters, you will be able to have a content strategy that can be used to maximize ROI and even create immediate sales.

Local Listings Management

Google loves local. In reality, you can’t make the common error to not have your company in local listings.

Darby Hayes Consulting allows your company to be seen by your customers. And if you notice that there’s a mistake on Yelp or Citysearch about your company’s address or time of operation, we are here to help solve this problem.

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